Activities to Share

Dementia resources help to make communcation easier, reduce bordom, encourage reminiscence, provide an enjoyable activity and work as an pleasurable distraction.

What are they for?

This resource of activity equipment is designed to promote therapeutic engagement with patients with varying degrees of cognitive impairment.


Using activity as a form of therapy can enable staff, patients their carers and family to feel more involved and can help to alleviate distress caused by unfamiliarity.

Activites to Share

These resources have been carefully selected to encourage staff and carers to actively engage with patients and relatives, trigger treasured memories and encourage reminiscence.


If you wish to access any of the activities, simply contact us. We will discuss options with you and bring your chosen activity to your clinical area.

To view more resources please click here.


We have a collection of domino packs and playing cards to loan out to patients

Audio Books

We have a small collection of audiobooks and portable CD players.

Any recommendations for future books, are always welcome.


Music helps to relive stress and increase reminiscence in patients with dementia.

We have a variety of CD's that are available to loan, including; The Beatles: One, Elvis: 30 number 1 hits and Doris Day: The ultimate Collection.