There are now five RITA (Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities) machines in our Trust for patients to interact with. The therapy software on the machines is aimed primarily at dementia patients but can also be used as a distraction therapy for stroke patients and patients with autism. It is aimed to reduce agitation and isolation in hospital by offering a means of distraction in the form of meaningful activities.

Holding Hands
RITA can help:
  • Recall memories

  • Patients relax in the hospital environment

  • Encourage conversation and interaction between patients, their family and staff

Film Clapboard
Things to do with RITA:
  • Watch a movie

  • Play interactive games

  • Create a life story

  • Run reminiscence sessions  (My Improvement Network, n.d.)

Route Planning

The five machines are kept in the locations below but can be used in any area and feedback to Glyn Wildman is greatly appreciated:​

  • Ashover

  • ED

  • Palliative Care

  • Robinson

  • Durrant


My Improvement Network (n.d.) Introducing RITA – Northumbria Healthcare. Available at: https://myimprovementnetwork.com/casestudy/introducing-rita-northumbria-healthcare/ (Accessed 18 December 2019).