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Admin and Clerical Resources

Unlock your full potential with our  wide range of resources catered to the needs of administration staff, including receptionists, technology specialists, and leaders. 

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Online Resources

Explore our tailored resources for administration staff, including eJournals, eBooksPubMed and NHS Knowledge and the Library Hub.


Open Athens

You will need an Open Athens account to access all online resources. If you don't have an account you will need to register.

Easy Access to Articles

Access articles effortlessly with LibKey Nomad, simplifying your research process. Find out more.

Adult Students


Our library offers various facilities for your convenience.


You'll find study spaces, computers for use, and printing and photocopying services available.


Additionally, we also provide hot drinks, water machine and snacks to keep you refreshed while you work or study.



We offer a variety of training workshops that are designed to boost your professional skills.


Learn computer basics, Microsoft Office packages, including Excel, research  and assignment workshops and expert searching.


Find out more.



Learn and grow with the in-house training opportunities available from the Trust.


Whether you're interested in apprenticeships, short learning sessions, or courses on #Aspire, there is something for everyone.


Courses on #Aspire include:

  • Minutes Made Easy

  • Advanced Communication Skills

  • Confidence and Assertiveness Building

  • Developing Leadership Programme




Explore the variety of wellbeing resources available in our library to help you relax and unwind.


We have a collection of fiction and other interest books for you to loan. Challenge yourself with puzzles and games for a wellbeing break.


Need some fresh air? Take a seat in our library garden for a moment of tranquillity.



Useful Links

Explore these useful links for further information and resources on leadership and organisational development:

These resources offer valuable insights and training opportunities to support your professional development journey in healthcare leadership and management.

Books & eBooks

Explore our extensive collection of books and eBooks covering various topics such as administration, minute-taking, computer skills, artificial intelligence, leadership, hospital management, and more.

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