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Literature Search Service


We offer a specialised literature search service. Just let us know what information you require and we can do the searching for you. We carry out searches using databases such as Medline, Cinahl and The Cochrane Library to find the best available evidence to support you in your work.


Who is this service available too?

The literature service search is available to all staff working at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Derbyshire Community Health Services employees.

How does it work?

What is a literature search?

Example of searches

You will need to complete a literature search request form.


Requests take around 15 working days to complete and the results are sent directly to your inbox.


A literature search is a systematic and thorough search of all types of published literature, relevant to a specific topic in order to identify the best available evidence and research..


The purpose of a literature search can be to:


  • Find the most current and up-to-date research to support evidence-based practice

  • To support continuous professional development (CPD).

  • Identify research and sources that can be used in academic writing.

Recent searches have included:

  • Inappropriate glove us and increase of infection rates


  • The role of circulating biomarkers in the clinical management of testicular cancer


  • Patient flow and reducing length of stay


  • Endoscopic Surgery for Paediatric Orbital Abscess/Cellulitis


  • The impact of COVID on organisational change


  • Cognitive difficulties in Post-Covid Syndrome


  • Is there a link between unemployment, musculoskeletal pain and mental health?


  • Occupational therapy interventions for children with visual perceptual difficulties



"The information influenced the development of a central Trust initiative. We are using the references and review as the informal basis of the development." - Consultant


"We will use this information for preparing teaching sessions, and presentations and to influence change in practice." - Specialty Doctor


"The evidence search service has been instrumental in supporting my project which not only will change local Trust practice but guide changes for national practice for Speech and language therapists in the United Kingdom". - Speech and Language Therapist


"Thank you for this – we really appreciate the hard work – the information provided has been invaluable and saved us so much time." - HR Manager


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