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Photocopying, printing & scanning

Photocopying, printing and scanning facilities are available in the library. Photocopies and printing can be done using A3 or A4 paper and in colour or black and white (5p per sheet)


Photocopying Copyright

Electronic Copyright

Photocopying from copyright works


The right to make photocopies is governed by the terms of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act ("the Act"). You should observe the following guidance when making photocopies:


1.  Any printed material that is Crown Copyright may be copied without restriction provided the copy retains the same meaning as the original and clearly identifies the source.


2.  All other copyright material may only be copied to a very limited extent, as follows:


  • Where the reproduction is done for the purposes of research for a non-commercial purpose (for example, to support NHS activities such as patient care, management, administration).


  • Where the reproduction is done for the purposes of private study (for example, where copying is done by an individual employee for private, educational purposes).  PROVIDED that, in each case, the copying is fair.  The question of whether the copying is fair is a question of fact and degree in each case. 


  • However, as a general guide, if the amount copied is substitutable for the entire original work, or contains lengthy sections of unbroken text, the copying is unlikely to be judged to be fair.


3. If you need to make an extensive copy of copyright material or provide a copy to a member of the public, you or your line manager should obtain permission from the copyright owner.

Copyright in electronic format


Make sure your downloading and printing is legal!




  • When downloading and printing from web pages, respect web copyright notices and any copyright statements associated with the material.


  • Only single copies may be printed and downloaded unless explicit permission to download and print more is given on the website.


  • Copying for research for a commercial purpose is prohibited unless the website gives explicit permission to do so.


  • Using materials from a subscription database is usually subject to contractual conditions.


  • Unless it is impractical, all copies must be acknowledged.


It is YOUR responsibility to work within the copyright law.

Further information


For further guidance please refer to the posters on display in the library, consult a member of library team or visit the CLA website.

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