Dementia Resources

Dementia resources are available for Trust staff to loan to enhance skills and knowledge about people living with dementia, aswell as Activities to Share packs to aid a patients stay in hospital.

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Royal College of Nursing


This is updated regularly and includes specific RCN work e.g


Commitment to the care of people with dementia in hospital settings.



NHS Choices


Dementia guide including:


  • Symptoms & diagnosis

  • Care & support

  • Living with Dementia

World Health Organisation

  • Action porgrammes

  • Fact sheets

  • Global dementia observations


  • Latest research news

  • free access to clinical articles

  • Submit a research paper or view the archive via BMJ Case Reports

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Essential Training

Alzheimers Society


Known for being the leading charity for Dementia the website also has information on:




Designed  to provide patients with Dementia, their carers & family members with helpful resources & information.




  • Symptoms

  • Diagnosis

  • Causes

  • Treatment

  • Prevention


By ensuring all Trust staff are Dementia aware will achieve an outstanding ‘dementia friendly’ culture of care.


All staff will receive dementia awareness training on induction and ongoing mandatory yearly training updates, this is in alignment with the “dementia friends” initiative. You can keep up-to-date with your essential training by logging into your #Aspire

We also offer ongoing development opportunities to develop skills on our tier 2 dementia courses, both facilitated at CRH- The Best Practice in dementia – Stirling University or Promoting quality care in dementia course.

Dementia Friends


Information about the Dementia Friends charity incuding:


  • How to become a Dementia Friend.

  • How organisations can get involved.

  • Naming dementia friendly communities.

Alzheimer's Society Dementia Videos

Arms Raised in Huddle

BAME Resources

The Alzheimer's Society has developed a information programme for South Asian Families to provide effective support and information to people with dementia. The film is available in Urdu, Hindi, English and Hindi with English subtitles.


They also publish real life stories in their 'Dementia together magazine'. The stories cover topics on how people have adapted to the impact of dementia & caring for a loved one with Dementia.